it's too late, it's too soon

The Kleptones present a comedy of duality - "Uptime / Downtime"

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"Nothing can destroy if you do not see it as destructive..."

Uptime: Call To Mind Voodoo Sabotage Welcome Back Hella Touch Can’t Be Paranoid Care Deeper Sand MKY Da HVN Come Again Destiny And Tenacity Cubikini Brightness And Contrast The Highest Kite Body Jump Nothing Beats A Large Mad Groove This Song Smells Final Word

Downtime: Interlude Freeze Seed Of Idumea Stay Untired Hammer Black Medicine Unbroken Correspondence Incandescence Exit Entrance Killing Jah Resignation

For individual tracks click the links above, download all here 320 MP3 or FLAC.

Cover photography by Sam Javanrouh - photos made available under a Creative Commons licence. Check out The Videotones project to see videos for many tracks on the album.

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