Delighted to announce that ALL FOUR PARTS of our NEW ALBUM are now available, but ONLY via our Mailing List, so we'd advise you join up toot sweet. We've got so much to tell you...

New album you say? Where have you been? You'd better read the ANNOUNCEMENT and hear some advance tracks on the blog.

We also now have a PATREON. So if you like what we do, and can spare a dime or more to support us, we'd be very grateful.

SO IMPORTANT WE'RE SAYING IT TWICE: Future release news and download links noe ONLY come via the Mailing List. Be seeing you!



Our pre-2018 back catalogue is still all available here for no financial outlay, and will remain so. Also we've added lossless FLAC versions of all the albums and mixtapes, so get upgrading!

Also, don't forget, on the blog is the very well received Hectic City mixtape of South African grooves, "Paths To Graceland" - you can grab that and all other pre-2018 Hectic City mixtapes in MP3 and FLAC here!.