The Kleptones understand that recycling musical styles is a pop tradition that's older than the blues.

But times have changed.

Never before has a band taken as many chances in the studio as The Kleptones. These guys are apparently very sensitive. Then again, we wouldn't have it any other way. Most of the time, The Kleptones can't shake their reputation. Call it a tragical history tour.

There's plenty of lyrical mumbo-jumbo about the group confronting its demons and pretending to be a pirate.

Underneath their antics lies a compelling artistic maturity that reveals how they have grown since they were young punks. Imagine the aching walls of sound of Bob Seger's "Night Moves" grafted, as if by a mad scientist from the bayou, to the crass hip-hop assault of the No Limit Tank Soldiers, and you haven't even come close.

Their sonic assault has made them the heroes of a whole new generation. Does anyone over the age of 15 like this stuff?

The Kleptones is not so much a band, but an exercise in marketing. I liked it better when it was called "Pearl Jam's Greatest Hits".